Aleppo Codex (Deut 30:11-31:12)
Oldest complete Hebrew Bible

Codex Sinaiticus Project
Codex Sinaiticus; ca.  350 CE

Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Christ the Lifegiver

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Academic Religion

AAR - American Academic of Religion.


Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Provides a massive on-line library of classic Christian writings.


Fonts - About 100 different links to fonts for biblical scholars, including Akkadian, Coptic, Dead Sea Scroll Scribal, Demotic, Early Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, Hieroglyphics, Paleo-Hebrew, Ugaritic, and more.


Perseus Digital Library - Offers resources for the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world. Main-tained by Gregory R. Crane, Tufts University.


Sacred Texts - The largest free archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore, and esoteric; maintained by John Bruno Hare.


SBL - Society of Biblical Literature.


Virtual Religion Index - An outstanding site that provides links regarding American Studies, ANE, Anthropology & Sociology, Art & Archaeology; biblical studies; Buddhist tradition; Christian Tradition, Comparative Religion, Confessional Agencies, East Asia, Ethics & Moral Values; Greco-Roman Studies, Hindu Studies, Islamic Tradition; Judaic Studies, Philosophy of Religion; maintained by Mahlon H. Smith.


Wabash Center - Provides the following categories: home, grants, workshops, consultants, internet guide, resources, journal, and find people. "Created and sustained by grants from Lilly Endowment Inc., the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion seeks to strengthen and enhance education in North American theological schools, colleges and universities."



Ancient Manuscripts

Aleppo Codex - Oldest and most complete Hebrew Bible; 930 CE; online, searchable facsimiles.


Bible Pages - Excellent recourse for textual criticism, manuscripts photos; maintained by Wieland Willker.


Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies - Ohio State University provides ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts.


Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts - Showroom, manuscripts, expeditions, news, blog, TC notes, Resources, special offers, links.


Cheaster Beatty Papyri - Includes papyrus manuscripts, rolls, codices, and documents from Pharaohic, Graeco-Roman and Coptic Egypt. Has some of the oldest letters of Saint Paul.


Codex Sinaiticus - Oldest complete NT with the Septuagint; ca. 350 CE; online, searchable facsimiles.


Early Manuscripts at Oxford University - Digital facsimiles of complete manuscripts, scanned directly from the originals. Page-turning and magnification capabilities.


Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism - Maintained by Bob Waltz.


New Testament Manuscripts - David Palmer provides a list of NT manuscripts with descriptions and some links to photographs.




Bible Gateway - Multiple language Translations.


Bible Resource - Offers an "Internet resources for students of scripture," including Greek Text of the NT, Hebrew text of the OT, Ancient versions of the bible, Canon of Scripture, English versions of Scripture, web directory of biblical studies, and more; maintained by Michael Marlowe.


Biblical Art - A massive resource of art corresponding to the Bible. Search by subject, text, artist, or word.


Biblical Words Pronunciation Guide - Searchable index with audio pronunciation in .wav format. Maintained by Net Ministries.


Biblos - Offers an impressive and easy to use gateways to atlases, Bibles, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, measures, mobile resources, thesaurus, devotions, visuals, multilingual, lexicon, GNT concordance, Strong's Apocrypha, story lists, chronological info, people, places and topics. Biblos is an extension of the Online Parallel Bible Project.


Gutenberg Bible - Provides a digital version of the entire Gutenberg Bible, the first substantial book ever printed with moveable type in 1454. Maintained by the Harry Ransom Center of the University of Texas at Austin.


Jewish and Roman World of Jesus - An excellent site providing Hellenistic and Roman Religion & Philosophy; archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls; Christian Origins and the NT; Ancient Judaism; maintained by James Tabor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


NT Gateway - An excellent, first-place-to-look, source providing high quality links for students of early Christianity and Juadism; maintained by Mark Goodacre, Duke University.


New Testament Resources - Maintained by Rodney J. Decker, Baptist Bible Seminary.


Resource Page for Biblical Studies - An excellent site providing (1) Bible texts, translations, and related texts; (2) biblical studies; (3) Aspects of the Mediterranean social world; (4) Philo of Alexandria.  Maintained by Torry Seland, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway.


Biblical Language Center - Hebrew and NT Greek courses and resources. Under the direction of  Randal Buth, who has pioneered  the "Restored Koine" or "Imperial Koine" pronunciation for the GNT.

Don Potter - Greek - Provides instruction in NT Greek Erasmian pronunciation with additional modification recommended by W. Sidney Allen's Vox Graeca (1987).


Elpenor: Home of the Greek Word - Greek texts, forum, library, Greek language courses; modern pronunciation.


Institute of Biblical Greek - An excellent site by John Schwandt of St. Andrews College. Schwandt is the voice behind the Greek Pronunciation Addin for Logos Bible Software. Schwandt provides:

 National Biblical Greek Exam

 Greek Grammar Helps

 Recommended Greek Links

 Recommended books


 Live Online Classes

 Greek In A Week

 Pronunciation conventions. 


Let's Read Greek - L. Sorenson with helpful reviews of the various Greek  NT audio recordings.


Greek Language and Linguistics - A helpful resource for learning Greek by Michael Palmer. Provides alphabet, bibliographies, blogs, bookstore, dictionaries, epigraphy, fonts, forums, history, learning Greek, manuscripts, and software.


Greek Latin Hebrew Audio - John Simon provides NT Greek, Latin Vulgate, and Hebrew Bible readings in MP3 format.


Hebrew-Greek Audio Bible - Maintained by Louis Tyler.


Index of Greek & Latin Audio


Teknia - Biblical Greek and Hebrew instruction; flashcards; fonts; and more; maintained by William Mounce author of Basics of Biblical Greek (Erasmian Pronunciation).



Greek Audio

Audio readings of the Greek NT with various types of pronunciation:


Gleason Archer - Erasmian; entire GNT available in CD format from Discount Bible.


Randall Buth - Restored  or Imperial Koine; sample: John 1:1-18; John 20:1-18; John 20:19-31; 1 John 1.


Andy Martin - Erasmian; Matt., Mark, 1/2 of Luke completed;  downloadable, free MP3 files; samples: Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4, Mark 5.


Marilyn Phemister - Erasmian; entire GNT; free, downloadable MP3 files; samples: Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4, Mark 5, John 1.


Maurice Robinson - Erasmian; entire GNT; free, downloadable MP3 files; samples: Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4, Mark 5, John 1.


John Simon - Modern, but modified to imitate first century Koine; entire GNT; free, downloadable MP3 files; samples: Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4, Mark 5, John 1.


Louis Sorenson - Restored or Imperial Koine; samples: Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Mark 4, Mark 5.


Louis Tyler - Erasmian; entire GNT; available in CD format for purchase here; samples: Eph 1, Eph 2, Eph 3, Eph 4, Eph 5, Eph 6


Spiros Zodhiates - Modern; entire GNT; available in CD format from Christian Book Distributors.




Biblical Language Center - Hebrew and Greek - Randall Ruth.


eTeacher Hebrew - Offers five levels of online courses in Biblical and Modern Hebrew with teachers living in Israel. Accredited by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Don Potter - Hebrew.


Greek Latin Hebrew Audio - John Simon.


Hebrew 2 Hub - Provides course material including grammar, additional resources for Practico and Van Pelt's Basics of Biblical Hebrew, vocabulary, and more; developed and maintained by Ted Blakley.


Hebrew For Christians - An excellent site providing the following categories: grammar, Hebrew blessings and prayers, scripture, names of G-d, life cycle, holidays, and much more. Hebrew audio provided throughout. Maintained by John Parsons.


Hebrew-Greek Audio Bible - Maintained by Louis Tyler.


Hebrew-English TANAK

Bible 1

Bible 2

Bible 3




Christian-Jewish Relations


The Jewish and Roman World of Jesus - An excellent site providing Hellenistic and Roman Religion & Philosophy; archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls; Christian Origins and the NT; Ancient Judaism; maintained by James Tabor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.




Babylonian Talmud - Soncino.


Babylonian Talmud - Epstein.


Center for Online Judaics Studies


iTanak Resources - Archaeology, historical and cultural contexts, indexes, languages, methods, organizations, pedagogy, publications, scholrs, software, and  texts; maintained by R. Christopher Heard.


Judaism 101


OT Pseudepigrapha - Maintained by James R. Davila, University of St. Andrews


Orion Center: Dead Sea Scrolls - The Orion Center was established in 1995 as part of the Institute for Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.




Don Potter - Latin.


Getting Started with Latin - text, audio, downloads.


Greek Latin Hebrew Audio - John Simon.


Index of Greek & Latin Audio


Latin Vulgate - With parallel English.


SORGLL - Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin literature.


Wheelock's Latin


NETS - New English Translation of the Septuagint; under the auspices of The International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS0);  Albert Pietersma and Benjamin G. Wright, Gen. Editors.


Septuagint Online - Electronic Resources for the study of the Septuagint and Old Greek Versions; Introduction; Texts & Translations; Secondary Literature; Images; Discussion list; Conferences & Announcements; Scholars & Institutions; maintained by Joel Kalvesmaki, editor in Byzantine studies at Dumbarton Oaks.






Bible Works - Outstanding Bible software for scholars and pastors. The company's goal "is to provide a complete package containing the tools most essential for the task of interpreting the Scriptures in the original Greek and Hebrew."


Davka - Provides software in the areas of Jewish history, customs and traditions, Hebrew Language, and much more.


EKS - "EKS Publishing Company specializes in books and auxiliary learning aids for mastering Classical Hebrew. We offer self-study courses and classroom materials for students of all ages."


e-Sword - Free downloadable Bible software in multiple languages, including Greek New Testaments and Hebrew Bibles.


Gramcord - "The GRAMCORD Institute is a Washington Non-Profit Corporation founded for the purpose of conducting and assisting the computer-assisted analysis of Biblical languages." 


Hebrewsoft - "A Hebrew software supersite."


Learn Biblical Hebrew - A comprehensive Hebrew course for first-time learners developed by John Parsons, who maintains Hebrew for Christians website.


Logos Bible Software - Logos Research Systems, Inc. is "the largest developer of Bible software and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing." Logos makes "more than 9,000 electronic Bible study resources available in more than 180 countries."


Silver Mountain Software - Offers biblical software, including Bibloi 8.0, Bibloi.NET,  Workplace Pack, high quality fonts, and much more. Founded by John Baima in 1984.


TES - "The Largest distributor of Jewish software, Hebrew language and Bible software."



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